Mobile Phone Overheating and how to cool your Phone Down?

In this Digital World, many peoples uses the mobile phones. Everything comes with some advantages and some disadvantages. So, Mobile phone also comes with same.

We will discuss with Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Phone:

Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Phone


  1. Long distance communication is possible through the Mobile Phones.
  2. It will help us to set the future activities plans.
  3. You can store your data secure with Mobile Phones.
  4. You can Share information easily.
  5. The size of Mobile Phones is very small, so you can use it anywhere.
  6. Also, the cost of Mobile Phones is very less with maximum resources.


  1. Wasting maximum time on mobile is the biggest disadvantage.
  2. Use of mobile while driving the car or bike, it causes the accident and now a days count of accident is increased due to mobile.
  3. Extreme use of mobile causes health issues.

This is the small introduction about the Mobile Phones. Now we will discuss our main topic below.

While using Mobile Phone, why it gets hot and how to cool down?

Not only one reason behind the Mobile Phone overheating, there are lots of reason behind this issue. Now we will discuss reasons for mobile overheating one by one.

Causes of Mobile Overheating:

  • Playing Games on mobile for too long:

Lots of peoples love to play games on mobile phones. If you are playing games on mobile apps for a longer time like 1 to 2 hours continuously, it may result mobile overheating.

Mobile Games on Mobile Phones

The reason behind this is, many gaming apps consume lots of resources like CPU Core, Graphics processing unit etc.

So, to avoid this, do not play games for a longer time period.

  • Many Apps running in background:

If you have opened many apps and you forgot to close the apps. Due to this mobile works slowly or you can say mobile gets hang while using. So, this cause mobile phone to heat up.

To avoid this, you need to close all apps which are running in background.

  • Watching videos for a longer period:

This cause is very much similar to the playing games on mobile phone for a longer period.

Video Streaming on Mobile Phone

If you are watching or you can say streaming videos on mobile for long time using your mobile data and while watching videos, your mobile screen is continuously on that time, so the hardware part of mobile phone name as GPU(Graphics Processing Unit) causes the mobile heat up.

  • Mobile settings not set properly:

Sometimes, we set the settings as per out convenience. Settings like brightness, wallpaper, etc.

If you set the Brightness to high or if you set the mobile wallpaper like HD, 4k Background or live wallpaper for your mobile phone, it utilizes lots of energy and it causes mobile phone heat up.

To avoid this, you need to set the proper settings.

  • Mobile phone overheating due to the Sunlight:

If your mobile phone comes in straight contact with sunlight in summer days or in hot car for a long time, it causes the mobile phone overheating.

To avoid this cause, do not kept mobile phones in directly contact with sunlight, especially in summer days.

  • If mobile Software is not updated:

If you observe, your mobile phones heats up during mobile software update or after the update. This happens because of some faults found in your mobile OS; the software update will fix these faults and to fix this, need more power.

So, this is the reason, why mobile phones overheat during the software update.

  • Mobile phone overheating due to Malware attack:

This malware comes in your mobile with some untrusted or unverified applications/software. Malware eats lots of resources like RAM and CPU; by which mobile phone get overheating.

To avoid this, need to download the verified applications from trusted source or you can download anti-malware app.

These are some causes behind the mobile phone overheating.

Android Phone vs iPhone:

Android Phone vs iPhone

Discussing Android Phone vs iPhone by overheating point, it is very difficult to say that android phones get more heat up or iPhones get more heat up.

As we discuss the causes above, with that causes both gets heat up. But as we compare iPhone with Android by resources, hardware component, performance, security etc. the iPhone is more powerful that android.

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